Wire size for mandarin pen?


6 Years
Feb 18, 2013
Hi, just wondering what size wire to use for a pen that will keep Mandarin ducks? I was going to get 2x4 inch, but don't know if they can escape that? I am almost done with our new pen, except putting the wire up....and I want it to be safe for the ducks. Please let me know! Thanks.
When building pens it always pays to consider the size wire which will keep ALL predators out as well as keeping the birds in. Hardware cloth is your best bet.
Chicken wire and aviary netting for the top- at hte least. Hardware cloth (1/2") to keep all rodents and predators out and any baby Mandarins in -if they hatch any babies. Babies can run right thru chicken wire and adults can get out of 2" X 4" wire fencing....they squeezed thru a small hole in my aviary netting and flew right out in front of me- I couldn't believe it! WE got 1 back, my cat found 1 and killed him, and 1 flew away to freedom or death...not sure. Better safe than sorry I say.
Sorry for not getting back to your PM about the Mandarins (you will be getting a breeder pair!) but our aviary is covered with 2" flight netting. We never had anything except for quail escape through that, not even our tiny teals. The wire on our aviary is 1"x2" and it is amazing. Unfortunately a few years back we lost a mandarin hen that got her head jammed in a hole during the night, but in the morning her head and neck were stripped bare - something pulled her apart... Yeah the ducklings will easily get out of the wire I have, but we never let the ducklings leave the nest. Once this year after mixing up the dates one hen had her ducklings out of the nest and it took a whole day catching the ducklings. Post pictures!
The smaller the wire the better. Chicken wire will keep all ducks in except the ducklings, I wouldn't recommend the regular stuff if you are in a wet humid climate, it only last 5 or 6 years here, after that starts rusting and falling apart. The PVC coated stuff cost more but last much longer, looks nice too.
Thanks guys. I'm going with 1x2 and then small chicken wire for the top. Unfortunately I live in Montana, and we don't get much choice for wire so I'd have to order the PVC coated....but I scored big as I have a friend who had tons if extra fencing! She gave me all I needed for free!:)

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