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  1. ElaineS585

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    Sep 13, 2010
    WOW![​IMG] My chicks have been hatching for 3 days now and it has totally been a wonderful nerve-wracking experience. 3-4 eggs (forgot the #!) left to go and I can get my 2nd batch of different kind in the incubator. I currently have some Easter Egg 2-day old chickens I'd like to trade for some quail chicks (or fertile eggs), polish or buff silkies, all reasonable offers considered so tell me what you have and what you'd like in exchange. Pickup is in Madison, sorry no shipping. This has been nerve-wracking enough without even thinking of puttling these sweethearts in a chick box and closing the lid! Elaine
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    Good Morning! Unfortunately you can vote on the mini coops...there is just one judge (the one providing the prizes!) But thanks for your encouraging words--it sure has been a fun few days.
    Sure wish my DD was still attending at Winona--she would pick those chicks up for you WCC. I sure wish gas wasnt so $$$--we could do a road trip! Oh well...maybe somebody will help. [​IMG]
    Today I am doing the lunch at T-Pines and then attending a diagnostics seminar at the extension office for Master Gardener. THat should be interesting. I will then be "qualified" to be the MGV on the help-line this spring. That way I can be sure to get my volunteer hours completed...I have been lax in the past!
    DrH I may be good at the miniature stuff but getting the actual sized things done is very challenging for me! I was just checking out the inside of my coop yesterday remembering that I built all those walls and hung the door etc all my myself with found materials and a circular saw and hammer before we even moved in here! The people let me get the coop ready so I could move my birds right in. Oh to have that energy and optimism again! Twenty one years doesnt seem all that long but I must have lost a lot during it! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Last night I made a really good enchilada casserole. MMMM--I could go for a piece right now! THat is the hardest thing about cooking at the Pines...Not being able to taste while cooking. I even had to have the waitress that day taste my German Style potato salad to make sure I had the vinegar and sugar right! I should have tried thickening it with cornstarch...then I could have eaten it too!
    Well--guess I'd better head out. Gotta feed before I report to work. Have a fantastic day everyone! Terri O

    (PS) If anyone wants eggs to hatch....no way I will be able to sell all these if the girls keep up like this!
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    Congratulations Elaine! Now what are you going to do with all those chicks in Madison? [​IMG] Well--maybe you dont live in the city proper...Duh! That is the first thing I thought of though...wish I had something to trade...my eggs have 16 days to go....T
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    Oct 16, 2008
    Quote:are they mixed breeds?
  5. Buck Creek Chickens

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    Nov 26, 2008
    Neenah, WI
    just noticed I'm over 4000 posts, [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Feb 19, 2009
    Quote:Yak,Yak,Yak that's alot of advice!! Congrats [​IMG]
  7. Dandelion Acres

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    Nov 23, 2010
    Wow...Chatty as always, A HUGE thanks for all the Duck info!!! My boy is on a mission, so Ducks it is. He checked out every book related to ducks at the library, has gone through catalogs, has talked to anyone and everyone we know about ducks......He wants his own little enterprise and I will grant it. Never seen a boy so obsessed, LOL. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    49 eggs is CRAZY, but cool. [​IMG]

    Cedar Post- 4000 posts = Lots of Knowledge!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    On another note, we lost a barred rock hen this morning. Went to the coop at my usual 5:30am and there she was in a nest box, gone.....Mom shed a few tears for her [​IMG] . Weird, never showed any signs of sickness, loss of appetite, anything. Thinking she picked up something in the yard....No Idea what it was, any idea's???? She was less than a year old. None of the other chickens show any signs of any sickness either...... [​IMG]
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    Good Afternoon from YOOPERLand [​IMG]

    Overcast but relatively mild (34F) out - Nice drip coming off the rooftops! - (I like that cause I collect it to water the houseplants/seedlings...etc.) Planted a buttload of pepper seeds this morning. I also played around in the (almost done) coop. It sure will be nice when I can start on the outside run - the ground is WAY too frozen yet. Looks like we've got some snow coming again tonight - You "Southern" folks are gonna get off easy this time... It's our turn up here in the Nort'

    Terri - 49 EGGS! Holy Whaaa! 'Dat's a Chit load... Pretty neat looking model coop too!

    Question: What's the deal with camping at the get-together this Spring. I have a small Pop-up that I cruise around with... I can't commit 100% yet but I'd like to drive down and meet a bunch of ya's. I do have plenty of venison... and by that time, I should have a freezer full of Walleyes. [​IMG]

    Thanks for making an old Marine/Newbie Chicken Farmer feel so welcome!

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    Mar 6, 2011
    NE Wisconsin
    Hello fellow Wisconsinites
    I'm a newbie to chickens have my first order coming from Purely Poultry March 23rd
    I'm a nervous wreck!!!!!! I keep hearing horror stories about dead babies coming in the mail It's making me not sleep
    So I kinda jumped to the end of this thread to ask if anyone here has used them to order there chicks, and how many actually made it. Seeing they are right here in Wi. I wish I could just go pick them up , but apparently they use other breeders to fill their orders, so everything is shipped overnight Help please the waiting and worring is killing me. So while I read this entire thread please post if ya know anything about them even if it was neighbor or friend who ordered. Thanks Kim
  10. Tomski

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    Don't know anything about them... I decided to incubate and if that doesn't work, I'll buy some chicks! Let us know how it goes and as a fellow newbie - Welcome!

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