Wisconsin, Free 5 Week Old Black Copper Marans Cockerel


Aug 26, 2019
https://imgur.com/a/oFR79I1 Images of him, his parents, and his siblings.

5 WEEK OLD COCKEREL(S) LOOKING FOR HOME! Near Waukesha/Milwaukee area

Free, willing to deliver for free at a reasonable distance. We may have more than one cockerel and are willing to offer pullet chicks for some peer company. Our chicks were naturally raised by their mom in a specially made nursery. Their father was a good rooster (pictured in the Imgur link at 3 months). Their father is a black copper marans, and their mother is an ameraucana. They are fully feathered and no longer need a heat lamp. We're hoping they can find a forever home, but if obtained for butchering we only ask they are treated humanely until the date of butchery. We can't keep the males because we need to avoid any incestuous breeding once they mature.
I can't have any "Roosters"....or any chickens, but I have 7. Where are you located? Let's just say I'm in a suburb of Milwaukee, west of Wauwatosa and east of Waukesha.( can you guess?) My neighbors are all in favor of chicken keeping, however my city is NOT. Do you breed Cooper Marans? I would love to own a Copper Maran hen in the future, could I contact you?

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