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It all started a while back. I was on vacation and had asked my mother in law to come by and check on the chickens and get the eggs for me. She told me that I had a hen setting and asked if I wanted her to take the eggs. Without thinking I told her to just leave her and I'd take care of it when I got home. Well by the time I got home, she was sitting on about 25 eggs! From what I can tell she was either stealing eggs from the other nests or some of the other hens were laying in her nest box. So I set up my broody coop for her ( I use an old rabbit hutch) and candled the eggs the best I could ( I'm not very good at it yet) and threw out the un-fertile eggs, leaving a dozen. Fast forward to about 5 days ago: two bitties and things were looking good. She was still sitting. The next day, she was off the nest teaching her little ones how to eat and drink and I found a dead chick that had completely hatched and seemed healthy. I thought it was just one of those cases where the little fella just died. Then that afternoon another chick hatched and was just fine. Next morning I found a egg that she had stepped on and broke. The little fella was too early to make it. Today, she didn't sit on the eggs much at all so I called a friend and borrowed an incubator to try and hatch the rest of the eggs. I candled them and they seems to be at very different stages, I guess because not all the eggs were hers and were laid different days. The good news is I could see very distinct movement in the eggs and everything appeared normal.

I'm pretty stressed and want to do all I can for them to hatch right but I'm curious how this is going to hatch with the eggs being at different stages?



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I've had a similar situation once with a hen sitting on a hidden nest. I hatched a couple of the eggs in the incubator for her and let her adopt the chicks as they hatched. It actually worked out quite well. Fingers crossed the remainder of the hatch will be good and your hen will play along!

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