Wish people wouldn't abuse Government Authorities!


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Sep 9, 2009
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Just ranting and getting all the fusteration out!

I love my husband but I can't STAND his family! They are pushing their luck way too far this time! Hubby's dad has came to us with warning last week, we thought he was playing games but then he came to us again today. Someone in the family, Hubby and I think we know who, has once again played around with the authority and is abusing the terms of what the Children Service is really about.

That someone has called the Children Service on us ONCE AGAIN! (for the 3rd time) and said our house is filthy, our kids are filthy, we abuse our kids and we have animals in the house that are not being kept after. OH GOD! EVERYTIME children service has come to check on us, they found NOTHING to support the complaints but STILL, they go on about it.

What is it this time? About having the chicks in the house is one of the complaints and another is cuz of a cut on my daughter's cheek that was marked by my son who accidently hit his sister with a metal pole while playing outside, also about a scratch in the back of her neck which is cause by the rubbing of the clip that clips to her shirt that has a cord to attach to her hearing aids to keep from loosing them.

Common! People really need to grow up!
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I hear complaints like this in my state (CT) all the time. It's amazing how much DSS time is wasted going out to families who don't need their assistance.

It is also mind-boggling how many abused and neglected children get returned to their parents only to end up back in the system or dead.
TRUSt me, those CPI'S know there job! They are trained to sniff out BS. The person who keeps doing this will eventually get brought up on charges of filing false claims etc.
Funny lil story..........my case manager for my foster daughter came out and i had my brooder box in the living room. I was like,,,,,,,,,,,yikes! She was like, whats that? chicks? OMG, can i hold one? LOL

And chickaddict......they gotta go out! Even if it's found false. It's never a waste of time just money! That's why people who play this system as a tool for revenge should have to pay restitution!
Seems to be that having kids means your consently under a microscope. Every little thing you do, the service has to be there. Gosh, what life is that?

How many times do they have to be called up to "check on us" until they finally will allow us to report harrassment? This goes on EVERY YEAR and every year they all close our case instantly. None of the cases last for more then 3 months.

And how dangerous is week old chicks to a child? They are complaining that I have a brooder cage full of a week old chicks? How stupid can things like this get? I can see a point on it if the chicks are not being cleaned up after and that they are sick and filthy and all. Im not getting rid of my chicks or sending them outside just cuz someone wants to play games. I have their brooder cleaned up everyday. What is the difference between having a few chicks and having rabbits, birds, hamsters, and other critters in the house?
Sillystunt, I agree with you. I just somehow believe that if they didn't have to lose so much time on false reposrts they would be able to devote more time to the children that truly need them. I do realize that the news only reports the failures, there just seems to be so darn many of them. very sad
Keep your chin up.... what goes around comes around and however is doing this to you will get their comeuppence....
.... if you suspect it is a member of your DH's family.... keep them away from you and yours.....you don't need this aggrevation...
i hear ya! there should be some way to enforce filing false claims. burns me up!They have to have it on file but now you can remain anynomous and no name needed! I foster and i see the sad side everyday! I loose sleep!!
I dont' know about anywhere else but now here in Florida anynomous is not allowed. The Social Worker is not allowed to tell who filed the report but because so many false reports are being filed over and over again against the same people (concept) that a name and address is required. The only time the Social worker is allowed to give out the name is when a false report harrassment is filed. Too many people are playign games with the system and they are not liking it.

I know EXACTLY who it is based on the fact that this someone is going around bragging to other family members of what HE has done. Bad move. If you don't want to get into trouble for playing with the law, you better keep your mouth shut.
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NOT true!!! My sister just had to yesterday and NO name required! I am in Florida and they NEVER let you know who called, false or true. LIABILITY if they released the name. If someone told you who called, they are full of it. All reports go to tallahassee and then trickel down to local DCF.They don't get that info on who called just why

Now if you have to take it to court, thats when their name would get released but the DA would file charges cause it's a criminal matter. Maybe you should call the DA!!! Harassment is small compaired to filing fraudulent claims.
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hhhmmm... must be in my area then cuz hubby called DCF on someone before and they said that they REQUIRE their name but it is kept private until a serious harrassment report is filed. They also warn you that if you are filing a false report and it's confirmed that it's a constant harrassment and found guilty of the charges they can recieve up to 5 years in prison.

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