Won bid on buff polish. Did I do good, or no

Provided you have a good rate, I think you did pretty good.

My polish are only 3 weeks old (as of today) but I'm enjoying the little boogers.
The little boogers are great! They are the most entertaining chicks. My first chicks were Polish, and now 4 years later, my last hatch was Polish. Mine are all sweet and the best roo we had was Polish. So I'm hoping to grow me another Polish roo!
OT - Seminole, what would be better when my little booger girls start getting a full head of *poof* - rubber bands/barettes or haircuts? I hate to give them haircuts, but they are now and will always be free ranging birds. I'm thinking barettes in a nice, neutral color that doesn't stick out?

(And I can't believe I'm even asking this question
Awe. I think if they free range, they need their eyesight. I trim mine around the eyes, their personality actually changes because they can see. And it's barely noticeable.

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