wondering how some genetics work?


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Jan 27, 2010
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So i hatched out some eggs from my EE's and NH red's they where in with 2 roo's 1 EE and 1 hq slw.

what i was wondering is how can i tell who the dad was what comes through to show is it there legs will be green if the roo was an ee ( i hatched 13 chicks and 9 of them have very green legs ) or do the dads produce the coloring?

So what im asking is would the father give the chick it's feather coloring or would it produce the color of the legs cause i only hatched 3 EE eggs the rest are red eggs but everyone has green legs...

the other chicks i hatched where from my barred rock coop so i know there pure... ish lol


Nov 30, 2010
With that many rooster in the coop together it will probably be hard to tell.
Easter Eggers come in all colors and when bred out ot other breeds creates other colors and patterns.

My EE rooster should be pure for the peacomb all the hens have peacombs but this last hatch I got 1 that had a single comb, see stuff pops out when crosses are made.

The green legs sometimes come out unexpectantly sometimes too, I've
heard that comes from crossing in yellow legs with blue/slate legs.

What is the hq slw? I don;t like intitals they can get a bit confusing.
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well the green legged are going to have either a mother or father of the EE brand. the others aren't going to offer up that leg color. I suspect any half EE is going to have the green legs. i would guess the 3 green eggs are included in the 9, making 6 of the NHs bred by the EE roo. I would say it is hard to tell the daddy of the 3 green eggs without pictures and maybe even then.

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