WOOHOO! First time incubating and got a pip! Go chick go!


11 Years
Feb 1, 2008
St Louis MO (Jefferson County)
I'm so excited! Something woke me up at 6am, so I went to check on the incubator temp and heard a pip! So I poured more water in the bottom using a vent from a Dr. Brown's baby bottle through the air hole, being careful not to get the eggs wet. Humidity is now at 65%.

Oh, somebody hold my hand! Time to get the brooder assembled and warm!

I just got the first pip out of my second batch!! Today is day 19 for me! Yours making any progress???

on 4-10 I got these!

4 out 0f 10 so far......

I'm thinking the temp was a bit high since they hatched early, but one thermometer read 98, the other 101 for most of it, and most I had arranged in the turner closest to the edges under the heating element. (Still air LG). I may have messed up my chances with the other eggs by taking the other chicks out, but I figured, a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush, so I have 4 cute chicks. I'll wait till friday before I decide the other eggs are not going to hatch. Of my new chicks, one is a Barred Rock hen/ White Crested black polish rooster cross, the others are White crested black polish. They think I'm their momma, and huddle under my hand when I go to pet them. None of my other chicks bought at the store or hatchery have ever done that. They are so cute! Their legs are less wobbly now so they can walk instead of flop around.

I'll have to post on boy/girl thread to see if anyone can tell gender on them.

Thanks for all the support peeps!
Here's a pic of a polish with it's pompadour hair.

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