WOOT! My bourbon reds are fertile!


Deluxe Dozens
11 Years
Mar 29, 2008
Riverside/Norco, CA
Bought a YOUNG tom a few months ago. Still had some bits of fluff sticking to the feathers around his neck higher up and no color on his face. I figured I would have to sit this season out, but a few weeks ago his face started turning electric blue, and his wattles bright red, and he started to huff, and strut, and tread hens. I figured he was just practicing, but I just candled some eggs put in a week ago, and I saw little red blobs and veins in all three I put in that day! Yee HAW!!! You don't know how relieved I am!
Thanks for humoring me in the "opposite of a rant" post.
Thats great! Happy hatching. Best wishes for your hatch too.

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