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    Sep 23, 2014
    Hello, all

    Rather new chicken keeper. I have been using my nitrile gardening gloves (a reserved pair) to do my chicken chores, but am looking for recommendations of a better pair. These have a mesh top so the water gets in through the top. And I would like a pair that is longer so water doesn't drip down my arm onto my sleeves, etc.

    I thought about regular cleaning gloves, but those tend to be big on my little hands and too flimsy for the task maybe?

    I live in South Texas, so warmth is a concern maybe three weeks out of the year (lol). They don't have to be warm necessarily.

    What is your favorite pair?
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  2. I like Cathcart leather gloves.
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    I use the nitrile covered ones like you do.

    What is so wonderful about them is that I wash them periodically with the hose and some dish soap. I wring them out and put them on my glove and boot dryer.

    I keep my gloves on this drier at all times when not in use so that they don't turn moldy inside. This works very well for me. On very cold mornings I put a hand warmer inside each glove (the ones they sell for camping) when I am wearing the gloves(not while they are on the boot warmer).

    It is nice to go out into the garage each morning and retrieve my pre-heated gloves, and they are dry as well.

    This is the one I have...bought at a local store and it works very well and it has no fan.
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    I use mesh backed nitrile gloves for chicken chores...and it cold here.....just to keep and water off my fingertips and palms from dealing with the water jugs, tho I am very careful not got get anything wet to begin with.

    I keep a separate pair in the coop for poop scooping the roost boards only.

    Wonders how you are getting so wet??
    Coops should stay as dry as possible, any water dripping down your arms is not great for coop health.

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