10 Years
Feb 4, 2009
I found this in the coop. Looked like blood or goo around it and I was thinking it came out as poo. There was no other waste attached to it. The chickens were born in March. Theny seem healthy.
Is this a round worm?
I looked at the droppings in the run and coop and didnt see any worms. Should I treat them?
thank you


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Oh gosh, I have never seen that before...I would google round worms and see how it compares. I am sure someone on here will know more than I do, not that's that hard to do.
Think it is a large round worm, but not sure. They look white in all photos I see.

Also I have 2 children that feed chickens, do I have to be real concerned about them getting worms?
It looks like an earthworm or nightcrawler to me. If it's blood or goo, it's probably been pecked, pummeled and dragged around by your 3 month old chickens...probably too big to eat. If this were a roundworm, it would mean your chickens would have an bad infestation and you would see roundworms in their poop. Closely inspect fresh poop, if you see any worms in it, then you need to worm them. If you dont...you have nothing to worry about.
Yeah, earth or nightcrawler was the first thing that popped into my head...reddish brown, goo, blood...pecked...yeah, just like the robbins on the streets after a rain...
Thank yall for your help. Got worried there.
Not to mention my pregnant wife was ready to cull them and burn the coops, dig up the ground and burn that also, LOL.

thanks again

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