Worming young peafowl ?

Feathered Wings

11 Years
Oct 9, 2008
I have a pair of young peafowl about 5 months old and their feathers are just dull and lifeless looking could it be worms causing this?
No matter what i feed them they still look scruffy.
I feed them layer pellets, grass, sunflower seeds and some scratch.

What kind of wormer should i use and how much?

What age should they be wormed?

Any extra supplement or food i could give them?
I don't think layer pellets is a good diet for them. They need a game bird/ turkey grower. I feed mine 1/2 gamebird 1/2 flock raiser and also add wild bird seed, cat food or dog food. Worming I use Safeguard liquid goat wormer. It is 1 cc per 10 pounds of bird.
You can buy it from TSC or most well stocked feed stores.....
I had wondered about using cat food for them i was told years ago to feed it to my chickens during the molt.

I feed them layer because thats what the breeder told me to feed them i will look into getting some of the game bird.
But i also feed them bird seed mix and sunflower seeds.
I give them fresh grass as well.

Thanks for the info on the wormer

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