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    Good morning.
    I know this isn't an emergency, but I didn't know where else to put it.
    Our local vet told us that she worms her chickens in the fall and being new to chickens, we did the same. We got 1cc of liquid Ivermectin and put it in 1 gallon of their drinking water. Our question is: how long do we have to wait to eat their eggs? The vet said not at all. HOWEVER, I have read so many things I am now regretting that we did it.

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    That type of wormer has no hold time from what I have seen. I Personally would give them 2 wks before eating eggs. But, that is only b/c I am a chemical freak on all things. I like all organic natural stuff if ya know what I mean [​IMG]
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    Quote:If you used ivomec 1% injectable cattle ivermectin...dosage is 4cc per gallon of water. Leave it out for 2 days as their sole source of water. For lice/mites, retreat in 14 days, same dosage and time. You should discard eggs for 2 weeks each time. As far as I know, other liquid forms of ivermectin are pours ons and/or pastes/powder. I dont know the dosage for the powder kind. Edited...You could use eprinex pour on, there is no withdrawal period, eggs are safe to eat after using it.
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