Worms - first experience - what to do? -UPDATE WITH PIC (gross)


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Update: After posting yesterday, I read a lot on the site and thought this was tapeworm. I went and got the Safeguard Dewormer for Goats (Fenbendazole) and mixed it per ThreeHorses' dosage and mixed with 2# of chicken feed. They ate it last night and finished it this morning. I wanted to know if anyone knows how long it takes to kill the worms? I found a fresh pile of droppings today with more worms (still alive and moving in it). See the pic:


I'm sorry this is so gross, but I truly am not sure what to do next. For anyone who has experience with this, could you please give me your opinion? Thanks so much! We've never had this happen before since our chickies are relatively young. I change their pine shavings in the coop every week and use liberal amounts of DE in both their feed and in the coop and dusting holes. I'm just at a loss of what to do.


Hi everyone,

Let me first say how thankful I am for this forum! I feel a bit bad asking this with all the other emergencies, but am not sure what to do after trying to search about worms through the other posts.

We have a flock of 10 birds altogether (2 cockerels, 5 hens and 3 pullets). My son noticed that in one of their fresh droppings were small (1/8" to 1/4") white worms. They were very white and looked almost flat. They were moving. The dropping was not runny or anything.

We examined all of the birds vents and didn't see any signs of injury or bleeding on any of them and didn't find any worms around the vents of any of them either, just a little poo, here and there. But no other sign of worms.

I really am inexperienced in this area, so I don't even know what type of worms they are, but I don't think they are maggots by looking at other pictures.

The worms looked like flat white grains of rice in the poo.

This is our first experience with this and I'm wondering the best way to treat this. I did try to put together a chicken first aid kit, so I do have some wazine on hand. Would this be the best to use? How much and how often. Also, 1 cockerel and 1 hen are bantams, will the dosing be different for them?

Thanks so much!!!

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I forgot to add that they all are acting normally and we didn't see any discoloration in their combs.

Thanks again!

Also, I forgot to add that all of these chickens are 7 months old or younger.

Sorry for the continual posting! And thanks again for any advice offered! I'm off to continue my search of previous posts!


Anyone have any suggestions? I'm sorry if I seem pushy, I'm just a bit desperate how to proceed.

Thanks for any help!
Thanks Kittymomma for the link. I actually studied it a lot yesterday in trying to find out what to do. From all my reading, I think it is tapeworm, but I'd sure like someone to be able to verify. I've never wormed our birds before (they're 7 months to 4 months old). But, they've gotten DE in their food and I've been really good about cleaning out the coop and trying to keep it dry, which isn't hard since we live in AZ.

I went ahead and did the Fenbendazole before Wazine since the Wazine isn't supposed to help with tapeworm. But I'm wondering how long I should wait to see if the Fenben is successful. I just mixed according to ThreeHorses suggestions (1/4 TBsp to 1/8 cup water into 2# of feed) and gave it to them last night and this morning. The ten of them ate through it all.

How long until I know it worked? Will we find a large tapeworm poo'd out? Does the Fenben kill outright or paralyze like the Wazine?

I'm in a bit of a panic, but trying to remain calm. I just don't want our chickies to get worse.

Thanks again for your input!
Have you tried to pm threehorses? You may want to take a sample to the vet as well. Mine only charges me $3 to analyze stool samples and then I know what I'm dealing with.
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No, I haven't tried to PM her. I'm not sure how to do it. Do you think she would mind? I hate to be pushy.

I'll have to call and see if my vet (doggie/kitty type) would do it for us. If so, we'll take a sample over.

Thanks for the idea!
No, I haven't tried to PM her. I'm not sure how to do it. Do you think she would mind? I hate to be pushy.

I'll have to call and see if my vet (doggie/kitty type) would do it for us. If so, we'll take a sample over.

Thanks for the idea!

Go back to the thread on worming you were looking at and find one of her posts then click on the pm under her name. I've never "spoken" with her, but she always seems willing to help on the threads I've read. Anyhow, if she's busy or something you just won't get an answer, I don't think it would hurt to try.

I hope your vet is willing to check the sample for you. Mine is good about not making me bring a critter in for simple things like checking for worm loads and coccidia.​

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