Worms or ?


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Mar 26, 2013
So this morning after I let the chickens out of the coop and put out feed, I noticed some fresh poop that had a big of red in it. First I was afraid it was blood, so I got a little stick and sort of broke the poop apart to get a better look. The red part was stringy and sort of looked like it could be worms? I just don't know though. I did take a pic with my phone and will try to post it. To me it otherwise looked like a healthy poop.
Give me a minute to work on the pic.
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OK got the pic up. It was just outside the barn and the dirt there is still wet from the rain we got yesterday morning.
There arnt any worms in the poop. What you're seeing is shed intestinal lining, normal on occasion. It would be a good idea to worm your birds when you get a chance.

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