Dec 6, 2018
Im not new to owning chickens, as I’ve had them for several years and been through the ups and downs. Recently I got a new batch of 8 chicks from tractor supply, and when I moved them into the coop I would go out there and find one dead every other day or so. They showed no symptoms of sickness, just dropped dead. They were very skinny though, and soon after my adult chickens started getting sick and I lost some of them. Now my last rooster is sick and I’m suspecting worms. Every time I notice a chicken looking sick, they have lost a ton of weight in the shortest amount of time. This rooster was a big guy and he is so skinny now but I know he is eating. I watch him and I hand feed him. I have separated him from the flock and am giving him probiotics and electrolytes, but seeing no improvement. This is the third time I’ve taken him out in a month. He will be sick and then fine after a few days. His poop is the color of green grass and the fact that he isn’t improving is concerning me. Please help. I’ve lost more than half the flock to whatever this is. I’ve cleaned and bleached the coop and cleaned and bleached the waterer and feeder since I have taken him out. Does this sound like worms? If so what kind? And what kind of dewormer should I use? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Welcome To BYC. I'm sorry that you joined under such sad circumstances, but we're glad your here nonetheless.

If you have a vet that can perform a fecal float and gram stain to check for worms, coccidiosis and infection that is always best.

Photos of your rooster and his poop may be helpful.
What type of food/treats do you feed?
How old were the chicks you got from TSC?

With chickens sometimes it's can be a process of elimination.
Check your rooster's crop to see if it's emptying overnight, look him over for lice/mites, if vet care is not possible and you think it's worms, then it may be worth treating if he is wasting away. New birds can bring in diseases or different strains of Coccidia, so treating for Coccidiosis may also be a good idea.

Were the chicks vaccinated for Marek's or was your existing flock vaccinated?

If you happen to lose him, then sending the body to your state lab will give you answers, especially since you lost a lot of birds, you need to find out what's happening.

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