Worried about cold chicks?

Ole rooster

8 Years
Jun 25, 2011
Milner, Georgia
Just for you who are concerned about cold chicks, this morning it is 21 degrees here. I went out to let out the chickens out of the coop and mama and the 6 chicks were in their nest. As I was cleaning up the night poop with it as cold as it was, mama got up with the chicks and went over to the feed and water. They stayed there about a minute or so. Ido have sand down instead of shaving and no cold seemed to be "transfered" as I read it does. I even put my hand in the sand and it just wasn't cold. Anyway, they all took a dump and mama went back in the nest and the little ones following her back in. So that tells me to keep the chicks at a certain temp all the time is not something mama does. They were certainly ready to crawl back under mama and she knew it was time. They all streached themselves themselves out good with that minute of running around. As soon as the sun comes out they will be over at the big glass door sunning themselves and takes their dust baths.

Mother nature seems to really have a handle on what to do. And for this hen to not even be a year old yet, she is quite the mama.

This post is just to try and ease some of your minds about cold chicks and bringing them inside for fear of them getting cold. Some acclimation is needed. To make them stronger adults. I think so anyway.
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Agreed. Chicks aren't under the hen all day, especially after the first week. They'll run under her to warm up and then back to running around the yard regardless of the weather.
That tells me NOT to brood in a smallish container but provide heat in one or two spots and plenty of space for them to find cooler temps. Letting them find their comfort zone and not coddling them, they're healthier and feather faster.
thanks Ole rooster! this spring is my first batch of chicks and i've been worried sick about what temp to keep them, but this gave me some confidence!
Yup, here too. It was 21* this morning when I went to change out frozen bowls/buckets. Mama cochin and her 2, 2 week old babies were already up and walking in the sunshine.
What a nice and reassuring post. I'm in Central Texas and rarely does it get bitter cold but I get concerned anyhow. The most we ever do is wrap our coop in plastic to cut the wind and chill. We've brought home batches of week old chicks twice now and have never used a heat lamp. They stay outside very soon after they arrive home. Maybe I should chalk it up to plain old luck but we haven't lost a bird yet.
With the water, I bring it inside. Funny with the water though, I hang up the water outside for the chickens and in less that 30 minutes it frozen. The chicks water I put inside the coop hasn't frozen yet. That insulation I installed must be doing some good.

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