Would a YouTube video or two be bad?


8 Years
Aug 26, 2011
SW Missouri
Just had a thought that, for all the questions about dressing a bird, maybe someone could take and post a video of how things are done. I don't know that you'd want to make the video public (listed on youtube) in case some people want to moan and complain about it, but just a video link listed on BYC for a time so those that need to learn (like me) could see how things are done.

Some thoughts:

-Might not want to post the dispatching of the chicken (or duck)....but might want to demonstrate how you do it (unless you are just using an axe).
-Using basic, common tools, not necessarily the plucker thingamajig, the INSTA-Dress doohickie, or Auto-Processing, Dual Bird Gutter 5000.
-Keep the video up for just a few days if you think it might fall into the hands of people that would not agree on the killing of our own birds (just trying to lookout for everyone's best interest)

I dunno, just a thought. I know I wouldn't mind being able to learn that way, and I'm sure more than a handful of others would like the same.

Thoughts, comments, concerns?
Thanks for the link. She's very calming when she's doing everything. It seems as though the chicken could have soaked for a little while longer but good little video. Thanks again for sharing!

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