Would all the real Cornish Breeders Please stand up.


9 Years
Jun 21, 2010
Okarche Oklahoma
I am Just curious where all the cornish Breeders vanished to and why do our Cornish threads keep dieing. Lets get this breed back on track and Post Pics of our Cornish. I raise Standard Darks. Standard Whites (though there still chicks) Bantam White laced reds, Bantam darks, Bantam whites. I feel so alone out here.
I got my first breed of Standard Dark Cornish as chicks last year, and am planning to breed and increase flock this year. I will appreciate any advice on how to do the right way of breeding them. Just recently brought a book- The Mating and Breeding of Poultry, by Harry M. Lamon and Rob R. Slocum, also ordered - American Standard of Perfection, which will come in the mail this week. Again, will accept any suggestions.


Here are some of my Dark Cornish.
I would love to get a start on some real LF White Cornish since there are so few out there and help preserve them if I could find a good deal on some eggs to get started with.

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