Would anyone care to help with name suggestions?


7 Years
May 12, 2012
My chicks will be 4 weeks old wednesday- and are semi- named!! they had nicknames, and some have stuck, and some just are not going to work! We have one EE that we think is going to be a rooster- and his name will be either Julian or Ricky ( not sure if anyone has seen the show trailer park boys, but it depends on if he is "smart" or not!). Another EE will be Speckle, because she has a speckled head. The third EE needs a name- we had been calling her racing stripe ( because she had a racing stripe down the side of her head!) but this is not so easy on the tongue..... Suggestions? Next we have 2 white rocks. One has a small stain from a raspberry on her wing, so her name is Raspberry. The other white rock was going by " the other white girl"...for some reason, we decided that Florence would be a good name for her!!

I've got 5 more on the way in a few weeks......holy cow ( or holy chicken!) I planned on 6, and when we lost one, decided that 10 was a better number!
I wanted to name all of our chicks after super models or Greek goddesses, but got into a debate with my daughter and added "Princesses" and "Harry Potter Characters" to the list. So, we have a Tyra and a Kate and a Heidi (for Tyra Banks, Kate Moss and Heidi Klum) but Kate could also be Princess Kate and her fellow princess, "Dianna" could also be a Greek goddess. And Minerva could be either a Harry Potter character or a Greek goddess. That leaves Ginny and Luna, also Harry Potter characters. And don't forget Xena Warrior Princess.
that is cute! We were going to pick out names beforehand, but I am glad we waited....some of them have named themselves, and some of the names I thought of totally would not have fit!
That's what happened with Xena Warrior Princess, we had a more demure name picked out (she was going to be Kate I think) but she turned out to be so feisty that we changed her name. I could tell them all apart when they were chicks, but now my two barred plymouth rocks are so identical I can only make a guess as to which one is which.
Wow I named my 4 chicks to candy,

Butter pecon
Almond joy

They are the "sweetest" little chicks ever! Names have to fin the chicks charicter Marshmallow is a polish hen with the little cap on her head, the cap is white like... a Marshmellow. ok well good luck!!
I let my girls name our girls. :). My daughters are 1,3&5. This is what we got.

Jewel (from the movie rio)
Peep and

Though they have since decided we need to get another and name it butterscotch. (I wanted one named Lola, but lost that by vote. :(
my daugther named hers Phoenix, my 7 year old niece named her Cherrio Rose, 9 year old niece named hers Lilly and then mine i did not name right off we just called her litte bit and that kinds of stuck but now we are calling her chicken nugget.
BHAHHAA, i was going to say Nugget!.... LOLA.. i love lola, the kids keep naming the babies.. its funny, they have them wrote on paper describing which chick is which LOL

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