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    So finally, my dad has caved into me and my mum nagging and whinnying about getting some chooks. The only problem is we have to build the coop. We are getting the chooks in about a month. 1 rooster and a hen on some eggs (both frizzles) after the chicks have hatched and grown up we will sell the roosters and get some point of lays. So I’m guessing we will have around 11 chooks, once we have got them all then the breeding of the rooster and the hens so the coop needs to be large. We have 5 of these tin round things (only two of the together pictured below) I was thinking I could use two of them to make the hutch, and maybe find the back of some old mowers (you know the bit that catches the grass) and use them as the nesting boxes, but I’m not really sure that will work, so I need you fabulous ideas. Noting to hard either because my mum and I both suck at building things! Thanks

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    What is your weather like there. Your birds will probably need protection from wind...so those open ends might not work. But it could be a great start.

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