Would You Be Mad ?


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Sep 14, 2007
Kalispell , MT
Okay....here's the deal . My hubby is working down in California because there is no work up here , and I'm also not working because of the same deal . I'm left with getting 8 cords of wood in , planting/weeding/harvesting our 45'x65' garden , spraying 36 acres of rough country for weeds , taking care of all the animals , taking care of SD , etc (you get my drift) . I have no problem with it . My saw was not working today (really aggrevated me !) so when hubby calls me after he gets off work , I told him about it and how I took it to my uncle to see if he could fix it . I told hubby that if my uncle couldn't , then I'd have to take it to the saw shop ( I think it's the oiler ) . He decides to call up his "buddy" . He told me this and I wasn't happy . His "buddy" called us 4 times to let us know he'd "be up" to fix our tractor . Every single time he said this he was a no show . After a month he finally came up . I explained to hubby that I needed to have the saw fixed soon , and that I couldn't rely on his "buddy " (his buddy owes us for electrical work we did for him). I do after all have 8 cords of wood to get in before winter , and with only me doing it....it takes awhile with all of the other things I have to do . Hubby got mad at me because he thinks his "buddy" should come fix the saw .

Am I being totally unreasonable to think that his "buddy" won't get it fixed when I need it , and arguing with my hubby ? I just need some advice to see if I need to say sorry , or if I should stand my ground . I'm not the type of person who spends money all of the time.....I'm in desperate need of socks , and other womanly supportive devices as I only have 2 of those that are 3 yrs old . I'm more apt to put the money in the bank , or buy clothes that his daughter needs .What is his deal ?!


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Feb 14, 2008
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I agree. Seems like you are taking care of just about everything and doing it well....I wouldn't even have consulted hubby about the saw. You have a job to get done and you need properly running tools with which to do it. You could have your wood under shed by the time "Buddy" gets around to fixing things.

I wouldn't be mad...after all, I'm the woman with the saw. No need to get mad if you have a chainsaw.....
Just rev that puppy up and say, "Its my way or the highway, Sweety....any questions?"


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Mar 19, 2009
Don't argue. Don't get mad. Just take the saw to the shop and get it fixed. If hubby asks you about the saw just tell him it is working fine. You don't have to tell him WHY it is working fine. Then post this on the refrigerator so you see it every day.



Got Mutts
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May 3, 2008
I agree, your the one that is doing and and you need to have it done soon. Obviously this 'buddy' has shown he is not really reliable.

Yessur Ebob

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Apr 23, 2010
You should go with your husband's decision. Even if his buddy doesn't come right away, unless you are really desperate for wood, does it really matter enough to cause all that strife and grief in your house? Is it really worth the anger and arguement?

Yes if I were in your shoes I probably would be upset, but I would try very hard to avoid strife.

Maybe a comprimise? for example, Tell his buddy that if he doesn't come the first time that he says he will, you will just take it to the shop.


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May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
He already called his buddy, if your uncle cannot fix it set a time for him to come, if he is a no show then go to the shop. There is not that much time to get all that you need to have done finished. I am sure buying wood would be more expensive than a trip to the repair shop. Maybe since buddy owes you guys already , this buddy should come out and cut wood.

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