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    Apr 20, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    I asked something sorta like this last summer, but got a limited # replies plus circumstances have changed somewhat so if y'all don't mind I am going to pick your brains again on the subject:

    I live in Canada, about 45 min. north of Toronto. This year I would really like to get a half dozen or so of each of several breeds, the idea being a) to have some variety out there [​IMG] and b) to see which if any I get along with well enough to want to do some breeding of. Specifically I am looking at things like Speckled and Light Sussex, White Rocks, maybe Chanteclers, and (just for pretty) Golden Campines. I'd really like to get 'em all at once, for simplicity. (I will also be trying to get some Buff Orp hatching eggs from another Canadian BYCer).

    However I have just found that the only large Canadian hatchery that carries *any* heritage breeds will no longer be carrying basically any heritage breeds, plus one of the two smaller commercial hatcheries that is close enough for me to pick up chicks from is probably going out of business (Roblyn Eyrie's owner was killed in car accident after Christmas, very sad). This limits me to one other local hatchery that's close enough to pick up chicks from, or another in Quebec that I would be spending a considerable amount to have them mailed from.

    In view of that, I am thinking more seriously again of the option of buying from McMurray and having the chicks shipped to the Buffalo post office, then driving down to pick them up. I say McMurray specifically b/c they are the only big US hatchery I know of (other than Sandhill, which sounds too complicated for me to deal with) that will do health papers, required for border transit. I could put together a perfectly satisfactory selection of breeds from their catalog.

    My concern is, the chicks would ship from, what, Iowa? to western New York State, AND THEN the post office would have to phone me, I'd drive down there (about 2.5-3 hrs, but might end up being the next day if they call me near end of business hrs), collect the box, then drive 'em 2.5-3 hrs (PLUS any border delays) back to my house before they could have water, food, heat lamp, etcetera. I just do not know whether this is likely to cause so much extra stress/mortality that it would be unworthwhile.

    What do you think? What would you do? I'm not really asking whether this would be *better* than a Canadian source, I am asking whether you think it is a reasonable OPTION to consider, or not.

    Thanks very much in advance,

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    That is a tough one, hope you can find a way to work it out. Maybe there is a member on that side close to the border who can get the shipment for you and you can get it form them so they can heat up and eat a bit before their next trip?
  3. Cheryl

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    There must be a member somewhere near the US border to help you out? Maybe they can keep them long enough so they will travel better?
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    From something I just read on a site called birdshippers.org, I can tell you that after receiving the chicks from MM, the USPS will more than likely deliver them to FedEx, who will deliver them overnight to the airport closest to the destination PO. The PO should have them first thing in the morning, and, not wanting to listen to the noise all day long, will probably call you as close to the crack of dawn as they can manage. MM should send you an email letting you know when they've been shipped, giving you the heads up needed to get up at the crack of dawn and get on the road to meet the chicks when they arrive at the PO (in case you don't want to wait for a phone call).
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    take a cardboard box,and some hand warmers and food and water with you,if you want to give them warm water put hot water in a thermos,when you pick them up let them belly up on feed and water,cover the box with a towel to keep the heat in and they will probally sleep all the way home,I hauled my chicks with me during Chirstmas break 4 hour drive,no problem but they were a little older than day olds
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    Thanks for the suggestions, they are good ones!

    I am still left wondering about my main question, however [​IMG], which was, on a scale from "no problem" to "with lots of extra care most should survive" to "don't bother", what would be the likely effect on the chicks if I did this?


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    First of all, go on the www.usps.com website and see how long it takes to send a priority mail package from McMurray's zip code (50595) to the Buffalo Post office you would pickup from.

    That should tell you the absolute longest it would take to get them there. It MAY be a day shorter for chicks. It was for me...Then calculate from there how long it would be before you get the chicks, etc. I think as long as you got them by the 3rd day sometime they would be OK. IE, they were hatched & shipped on Monday, as long as you got them home sometime on Thursday.

    I can tell you that my PO here calls pretty much as soon as they feel you are up to tell you your chicks have arrived - they want to get those babies home just a much as you do! I got the call at around 8:30 am.

    Use a rubbermaid type storage container for a portable brooder and move them into that for the ride home and provide food and water if you are worried about that. OR get some grogel ahead of time and then mix it up with warm water from the PO bathroom (or a fast food restaurant bathroom, etc) just before you get the chicks so it will be warm for them.

    You could always just crank up the heat in your car to about 80. With having an order over 25 chicks, they should stay warm enough, but if you are worried, you could also buy a power inverter for your car. That would allow you to run a heating pad under the container. They have the power inverters most any store that sells auto supplies - they plug in your car like a cell phone charger, but allow you to plug in a standard 110v electrical device.

    Good luck!

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