1. 5Pedschickens

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    Apr 3, 2016
    I just introduced my 2 brahmas, 2 barred rocks and 2 black sex links to the existing flock this past Friday. The Isa Browns seem to be very aggressive towards the newbies. I have tagged one that I caught being mean. Today both Barred Rocks were attacked rather viciously, to the point that they were wounded and were left with a half dollar size open wound on the back of their necks. I did wash, dry and apply bacitracin with some 4x4 gauze wrapped. I am looking for any help on how to help these two chickens and with introducing the newbies to the group....Thanks!
  2. mobius

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    get some stockinette to hold the gauze in place.I would give you a link but I can't track with this new site right now.
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  3. mustang56

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    Jan 4, 2012
    Its best to keep the roosters separated from the new guys.... but set up an area next to
    your original roosters, for a few weeks... and let them get use to seeing and smelling each other.... then gradually merge them together..... but when we do it, we stay in the area
    until all is well.... if things aren't going well... keep them separated ... until you feel safe walking away.... It usually doesn't take to long... but on the other hand just go slowly.
    I use neosporin and bandage the area.... give them poly vi sol without iron... and maybe some nutri drench in their water.... Wishing you quick healing.. and harmony among roosters..!
  4. mobius

    mobius Chillin' With My Peeps

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