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    One of my 2 month old chicks got her neck stuck out of a small hole in the coop. It didn't appear bad at the time, however it is gaping now, perhaps because of getting picked. We have separated her from the others to avoid them pecking it. What else do I do??? Should I butterfly bandage it together? It is no longer bleeding but there is a less than an inch wound which is open.
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    Clean it out. Put antibiotic ointment on it wrap it with some gauze. Keep her in a safe quiet place.

    Some people will tell you to add electrolytes and vitamins to her water. Maybe even asprin. None of that is essential.
    You can feed her her regular diet, or suppliment with some yogurt, or chopped up cooked egg.

    She should come through this fine. Chickens are VERY resilient.

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