wow. $15 each for Coturnix Quail.


8 Years
Jun 22, 2011
Figured that would get y'alls attention. I'm serious though. I put an ad on craigslist to sell my tuxedos because.... well it's a long story. i'll post it later. Anyways, a man called me a while ago and was like Hey I'm interested in buying the tuxedos. Now i had put $15 on the ad. Meaning $15 for all 5. This guy was ready to pay $15 a piece. He was like, you want $15 each, right? And i paused for a minute... and yes, the thought flashed across my mind. I could have..... But it would have been so wrong. I wouldn't have been able to live with myself after that. So i told him that it was $15 for all of them and he seemed pleasantly surprised. Anyways, he's going to call me later to talk about coming to get them. I'm guessing he was at work or something.

OK. Now for the story. Twice, a snake has gotten into my pens and killed some of my birds. Last time he only killed them, i got there before he actually ate them. But this time, he had already eaten 2 of my young birds that i had hatched out and was about to start on a third. This time, he didn't get away. We pruned his head off with some shears. Lol. It was crazy because we couldn't shoot him in the cage and we couldn't chop his head off with a hoe or shovel because the cages are hanging from the ceiling and were swaying. So we got ahold of him with the shears and killed him that way. My poor babies. So i moved them into another cage that has really small cage wire that will be impossible for him to get through.

Now, I'm sure some of y'all are asking yourselves, why didn't I have them in the better cage after last time? Well. The cage that they're in now that is snakeproof was up in the garden next to the chicken coop because i used it for young birds and quarantine and the like. Our garden is a fenced in enclosure on the inside of the goat pen so the goats can't get in there unless we open the gate for them to go in and clean it out for us when we're through with it. Pretty handy. Well the first time the snake got in, my dad had peas growing in the garden and there was no way we could have gotten the pen out of there because the peas were in the way. It was in the back corner and all. And it's not just a little cage. It's this big cage with a roof and a back and stuff. Very nice. Very old, but in great condition for how old it is. It's 12 square foot on the inside of it. So i have all of my birds in there now. But i'm about to sell my tuxedos hopefully.
Willing to pay $15 each for a Japanese quail?????
If he's looking for a bargain on some sho-nuff hefty Bobs, tell him I'll have about 400 or so ready by winter for the everday low price of $10 each, and that's dressed out to the spotless T.......
Haha! I was soooo tempted... I'm known in my family for being a 'peddler' I'll take just about anything and try and sell it for a profit. That could have gone in the record books as my most profitable sale.... But the good Lord would have got after me for that for sure. I don't cheat anyone. If I find some kind of animal for free that i can resell, i'll take it and raise it a bit and sell it. But usually only when something's free. That way I don't have to risk 'investing'. lol.
That's what they charge for them here EACH. I was paying $8 and that was rubbing me raw. Got a great bunch of chicks to start raising my own as long as I have silkies will to cooperate and hatch the eggs for me.

I really should invest in a small incubator. Any big ones will definitely get me in trouble!
Yeah, I bought a simple incubator a few years back from my local feedstore for like $50. It's done fine. Especially this last hatch that was my first time hatching quail. 5 out of 6. which is so much better than when i tried chicken eggs. This time though, i had a digital humidity thermometer in there so i could monitor it instead of just putting water in it. The most I paid for quail was $5 each for 2 hens. They were breeding stock from a local hatchery and started laying the first day i got them. Not bothered by that at all.
ha ! around here people think 5.00 each is a HUGE rip off......they say it should be 2-3.00 which as we all know,doesn't pay for the food they eat in 6 -8 weeks for crying out loud!
a friend of mine can't sell them to high end restaraunts at 5.00 each and that's processed and PLUCKED(not skinned) .
RIDICULOUS! if people want something for nothing they should go rummage through the dump/landfill.
I'm charging $3 for them. which is tacking on 50 cents for feed... which we know doesn't cover it. But i feel uncomfortable going up to $4 apiece.
bobs here sell for 7-10 chukars mostly 10 and gambles / Calis 25-30 / pr my corts I sell for meat I get $4 uless more then 10 is bought in which case $3 but my breeders cocks @$4 Hens @ $6

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