wow!-this is amazing to me.

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10 Years
Sep 19, 2009
central georgia
this all started about 6 days ago.i went out and added some extra water bowls to everyone because of the 101 heat.i took up one of the dog bowls ,because they have the water troughs,and gave their big plastic tupperware type bowl to a group of 6-8 week olds.i let everyone out daily and do thorough head counts in the evening.well in that pen that evening everyone was counted for.the next morning i go out and the only little partridge rock girl was missing.there were no holes in the fence or any digging.i KNOW she was there the night before.anyway,i fed and watered them.they had kept turning over the big bowl becuase it was so light when the water level got down of water so this time when they turned it over,i just left it alone for now and made sure the other one was kept full.i fed and watered and did not let them out because of the girl missing,just in case a predator got has been over 100 everyday this week but the pens are in the shade,
that was 5 days ago she went missing.
it was to be even hotter today (105)so i decided to try the big water bowl again and turned it back over.this little chicken ran out.she was wet,muddy and staggering.i could not believe she was alive.the only thing that must have kept her alive was the condensation inside the she didn't cook,i will never know.i took her in and gave her a bath and food and water.she seems to be fine now and back witht he others because it seemed to calm her down abit
i gave her some gatorade water but she didn't like it.
should i keep her seperated?
anyone think there will be long term problems?
anything else i should do-except remove big water bowls.(did it)

the bowl

she had to be squating the whole time

her feathers were matted and covered in mud.they wouldn't clean up too well and some came out.

That is pretty amazing that she didn't die under there from the heat. She must have gotten enough moisture from eating wet dirt and cooled herself with the same.

If she is eating and drinking and wants to be with the flock, let her be with them, just keep an eye on her for the next day or so.
We had almost the same thing happen, but with a 5-gallon bucket which I assume my 4yr old had put on top of the hen. She laid 2 eggs while she was under there. I also had some birds shipped to me that took 4 days (4 month old birds, not babies), and they were all fine too! I agree chickens are hardy!!

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