WTB: BUCKEYE EGGS in 4 weeks


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Dec 20, 2008
Boise, Idaho
Not hatchery stock please.
I already have 26 birds from Buckeye Dave and 17 from two other breeders.
I would like to broaden my genetic pool in order to select the best for my breeding flock. Anyone else out there? My incubator will be open in 4 weeks, so I am just trying to line up some sellers in advance.
No sorry. I was just going to reccomend Buckeyedave, but I see that you're already aquainted. I am going to check out county and state fairs to try and meet chicken breeders. Good luck.
they have a great looking site thanks for the info, i will definately be ordering from them! It's help like this that makes this site so great, by the way I looked at your thread . . . My guess is with the Silver Hamberg (sp?) lol . . . but really out of my area . . . they are not Buckeyes!
I will keep your name and would love to see pics of your birds; do you know what strain they are from?

Anyone else???
Bought 12 hatching eggs in Lucasville,Oh. in april. Did'nt seem important at the time,but I know she lives in Oh. & had good looking breeder pairs for $60,(too pricey at the time) so I opted for eggs.

If I get back there sometime I'll get name or strain. They are good looking birds,deep red brown color,pea combs & you can see the cornish in the background breeding as they have heavy legs.

When I get pics. I'll send them.


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