WTB Buff Orpingtons eggs...now-4 months


10 Years
Feb 28, 2009
Southern Illinois
We ended up with a Buff rooster and are very impressed with this breed. We would like some eggs. No hurry as to how soon...
I am just starting on separate pens. Not looking for show quality so we do not want to pay more for the eggs then it would cost to buy chicks but we would rather buy from a memeber then a hatchery.
Try hinkjc. She has beautiful buff's and is where I got mine from. If I had mine separated and if all of them were laying, I'd offer you some, but as they are not I would recommend hinkjc.
I have fertile buff orp eggs available for $25 a dozen, includes s/h. PM me if you're interested. Thanks.
Because we are in the fall of the year, I can ship one dozen for $25 including selecting, packing, priority shipping and confirmation delivery. Our normal price is $27. I have two orders I'm filling now. I can ship early next week or possibly on Saturday.

We've been blessed with very healthy buff orpingtons that we feed the best of grains, feed and fresh veggies from our chemical free garden. We farm full time and love our veggies and poultry

Please do check our feedback here:


Our paypal is
[email protected]

Please let me know if you have any questions and have a blessed day.
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