WTB- EE & Silkie hatching Nebraska


11 Years
Mar 27, 2008
Looking to buy EE and Silkie hatching eggs locally. Located in central Nebraska. Wanting to pick the eggs up or only have them shipped a short distance to avoid rough handling by the post office.

Since the weather is still cold, I'm looking to buy in late March, early April.



12 Years
Mar 30, 2007
Belleville, Kansas

I am the one that replied to you via craigslist.

I am so so sorry, my silkie deal fell thru, the guy is taking what he has left of them to the Madison Nebraska exotic animal auction tomorrow, Sunday.

I am so heartbroken, we had talked last weekend and left it we would meet up sometime at his leisure, whenever he could and I was to buy all 15 of his birds. Today I called him to see what was up, andwhen he could get together and he told me it was an awful long trip for one bird. I was flabbergasted, and confused. He had asked if I wanted them and I had emailed him saying most definitely and also talked via phone on Sunday telling him I wanted ALL fifteen at a price he set. He said I sure sounded confused...I was confused, I was supposed to buy all 15 of his silkies and showgirls. Not only was I confused, I was livid mad.
He had everything he had left packed up for the sale tomorrow but only had 5 left as he had sold everything without even letting me know.

I got off the phone and cried and cried, it has NOT been my day. I am so heartbroken, I wanted to pick them up back in December and the guy wanted me to wait "so the chicks had less stress" he said. I should have known then! I had pics of them and felt like they were mine already!

I am very hurt, upset, mad....you name it!

On the good side, I have a friend with EE's, so if you havent found anyone to get eggs from and you come to Lincoln/Seward or this way sometime, let me know ahead of time so she can start collecting, I think she only has 4 EE hens.

Glad to see you are a member on here!

Oh and I do have a VERY nice quality black silkie boy that is a youngun. If I can find a pretty girl to pair him with.

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