WTB: English Coturnix


12 Years
Mar 14, 2007
I am looking for some English Coturnix (adult or eggs). I live in NY. The A&Ms are just too big. I'm also looking for other varieties (I already have Jumbo Browns).
I have one lone English hen, but I lost my Roo, so mostly I get Tuxedos. I have one white in the brooder, its about a month old, and your guess as good as mine on sex! I have a batch of eggs in the bator now, but I had a spike, so they're more than likely cooked. Want any eggs? LOL I actually would rather have the A&M's ;p

I'm in Bloomfield NY and one of my friends the next town over has Quail too, I can shoot you his email if you PM me. (He has a Sportsman, so he doesn't suck as much as I do at hatching!)
I wish you were closer, I'm about 4 hours east of you. I should be receiving a whole mix of eggs soon so I'm just looking for pure English now. The A&Ms are huge and I'm looking for the smaller ones. If your friend has any English I would love to buy some eggs. What other varieties do you have?
Yeah, not worth the drive for one lone English chick, LOL

Not sure what colors he has? I don't think he has a pen of straight english though, although I have seen some Tuxedos... I wouldn't send ya to the people I got my original English from though, They've turned out to be kinda nuts and hoarders to boot!

Right now I just have the browns and the one white. I did "briefly" have a hen of a different color (Cinamon?) but the other quail in the pen killed it! :O I also hatched out a pretty colored chick (It died. Sigh) I wanted to PU some different colors, I was more concerned with size than color, so I was just going to run all my colors together.

I also have Mexican speckled Bobs, but I managed to kill the couple chicks that hatched out. Bummer. I really stink at hatching, LOL

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