WTB in SW Ohio English Game type Bantam Hens


14 Years
Aug 30, 2009
Mt Repose, OH
My Coop
My Coop
ETA: Picked up two hens this afternoon from a CL add I saw, no more till spring!

I promise... pinky swear... NO more chickens till spring.

Looking for 1-4 English Game type hens, any colors, just clean legged itty-bitty girls. Prefer less than a year old but in full adult feather.

The hen I have is really very sweet and calm, she shouldn't pick at new ones. The Roo is very polite, takes great care of his one girl.

Nothern Kentucky or Eastern Indiana ok too, trying to stay within a 1 hour radious of Cincinnati. Can pick up weekends or anytime after the 8th of October.
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