WTF..Same neighbor Different animal!


8 Years
Apr 6, 2011
So our very crappy neighbors haven't been an issue since their dog attacked our dog on our property and I flat out told the woman if that dog shows it's face on our (now fenced) property again I am going to nail it with a shovel with intent to kill and call animal control. She got the message on that one I think, especially since she is lucky her dog didn't seriously hurt out dog.

So this morning I go outside to let the girls out of the run and the same neighbor's free roaming never in the house cat is stalking around ON TOP of the the run...looking down in at our girls who are freaking out...Now they are full grown (except for 2 babies who are about 12 weeks old and separated anyway) so I don't know if the cat was really going to take them on but I was livid. I chase it off and then sent my dog out to chase it, doggie much enjoyed that romp but it vanished into the thick briars pretty quick...

I am so sick of this neighbor. I hate them and I am trying really hard to keep things good (even after their dog killed one of our birds) and I am doing all the things I am supposed to do. Fenced OUR yard, make sure OUR dog NEVER gets into their yard...NEVER let OUR cats outside etc... Our birds DO free-range the yard during the day, as is their right. It is a big big yard and they NEVER go near the neighbors yard anyway..

So what do I do now? These people don't care if their animals are loose..where can I get a live trap semi cheaply? we don't have a tsc near us, I can't shoot the cat due to neighbor proximity (although I'd love to grrr) so I just want to trap the thing take and take it to the shelter. done...can I RENT a trap somewhere??
The good news is that if your birds are full grown it is very unlikely the cat would hurt them - in all likelihood it was just curious. Could be a perfectly lovely cat. The real problem for your birds is their dog, should it get loose again.
I just keep repeating to myself.."I don't want full o n neighbor feud"...
I'm not worried about the big girls but the free ranging 12 week olds are more susceptible I know... Also I kinda just want to send a message to the neighbors about their darn animals...I was doing them a favor in a big way when I didn't call ac and cops when their VICIOUS dog attacked ours..The dog is dangerous and they know it..

hehe we don't have a rural king or big R anywhere near us! maybe home depot?? I don't think I'd send their cat to a shelter but I would walk over there with it still in the trap and politely inform them it was stalking our birds and if it is not theirs (they like to deny their animals are loose) I am off to the pound with it..Ugh...patience..
I would trap it and send it to a Humane Society far away. Hotdogs work great as bait. Unfortunately, the cat will likely be replaced with another once it disappears, but that would at least give your birds a reprieve. The places I have seen trap rentals: the local rental place, the local agriculture store, Animal Control, the local Humane Society and Fish and Game Warden.

Good luck.
Just hose the cat off the top of the coop...and teach your dog to chase it back over the fence.
at that age a cat can't get them, but you can get a trap at Home Depot and rehome it, if she asked just look blank and say you have no idea.
I have done that with 10 of my neighbors freer roaming cats that chase my chickens.
I am not the most politically correct person (Disclaimer)

If you are going to rehome a cat make sure you go a ways away from the house. If you let it loose out in the country so some "farmer can adopt it" it will probably starve or turn ferrel and be a much bigger problem. If you take it to a shelter, they may find it.

And yes if the cat gets hungry enough it can be a problem for the bird population big and small. I am in the country and have seen this. Not hungry they are probably just snooping around. Hungry they are VERY effecient killers.

Good luck!

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