WTH?! My Embden startes laying 3 days ago....

Discussion in 'Geese' started by DawnB, Sep 20, 2013.

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    She will be 3 next spring. This year she started laying the 1st week of March and laid till the last week of May...every other day...didn't miss a beat.

    So what's up...I thought geese only laid in the spring for a short season! Is she just weird?:th
  2. Its not that uncommon for some geese to lay in the fall. I have 1 out of 21 geese that laid from the first of february to the first of May then quit. She started again this month and i got 7 eggs from her then she quit again.
    I think it just depends on the goose and if anything has messed them up mine i think was the street light on the barn which is close to their pen. Light affects geese breeding.
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    I have one Sebastopol female she starts laying in November every year. At that time none of my gander's will breed her. Poor thing every year tries to sit on unfertile eggs. She puts up a good fight if you try to take them she will grab you by the leg and bites. Little snot.

    This year I gave her goslings to watch as her own. Sarina did a lovely job watching the goslings. Of course she had help from Sassafras and Spicie a gander. They raised 6 goslings.

    So we shall see if letting her raise these goslings keeps her from laying in November again. Because my gander's are not read in November!!!
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  4. Let me know if thats the case. I'll let mine raise some in the spring if it will get her to quit laying in the fall.

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