WTT...trade BR for a mallard?


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10 Years
May 8, 2009
smithville tn
i put 8 mallard eggs into my bator..and only one survived...anyone have a mallard for trade for a BR hen or roo? i live in middle TN, i am pretty sure my single one in a male....,update....(now i think its a female!!!!) so im looking for a mate. its hard too see in the picture, but he has a green shinny head and now he has white tipped feathers...
i am also a glassblower and can make you some glass art, paperwieght, flowers ect.
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If you were closer and needed a male i would GIVE HIM TO YOU! lol, ugh, my drake is driving me crazy and im ready to toss him in someones yard ( not really )
Good luck! How your boy is a sweet pea!
i still need that mallard, i have some other ducks now but i want to find HER,(i thought that she was a he at first) a mate

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