Crossing the Road
Apr 9, 2016
California's Redwood Coast
#2 doesn’t look like a purebred, she has a single comb, when Wyandotte’s have rose combs
Nice catch there! :highfive:

Still pure bred, not uncommon in hatchery quality birds as they've been KNOWN to keep single combs among their flock because rose comb gene causes slow motility in sperm after a number of generation.

The second alternative is that sometimes, traits that shouldn't pop up do because most breeds were created from a combination of others. So it's essentially something hiding in the parent stock ancestry in this proposed scenario. Even keeping birds that don't show faults and culling hard sometimes things like cross beak, incorrect eye color, or even clean legs despite all feather legged parent stock.. Genetics or rather life is amazing and intricate! :thumbsup

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