Wyandottes/BA's-what age will I know if roo/pullet?


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I have three golden laced wyandottes and that three Black Australorps that of course are supposed to be pullets...what age will I know for sure? They are 8 weeks old this week, all the GLW's have reddish combs now and the wattles are starting in, but only slightly. The BA's combs are still light, but wattles are begining to form too. I don't notice anything else in their feathering, but have never seen a cockerel at this age to compare.

1. What age will I know?

2. Does anyone have pics of their Wyandotte or Black Australorp Cockerels at 8-10 weeks old?
Here's my BA's about 2 weeks ago. they were born April 12. You can definitely see the roos beginning their combs and waddles. One is laying in the door way, th eother is looking over hen's back.
Do you notice anything different with the roo's feathering compared to the pullets? I'll have to check their combs and compare.

Edited to say...my chicks were born on the same day as yours!!
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Ok, I think my Australorps are all pullets...or at least from looking at the pictures here...mine have combs and wattles starting, but no as high as the cockerels in the picture above.

It's those mysterious Wyandottes that have me stumped! I THINK they are all pullets, but how to tell before they crow or lay eggs is a guess! Their combs are all red and wattles coming in too...but I've heard that is what happens with Wyandottes...combs turn red early. No crowing and today while they were out with older chicks for the first time...one of the Wyandottes got up in the face of a pullet twice the size! One thing I'll say, those little Wyandottes won't take crap from a bigger one (the bigger ones are BLRW's)...even though they really haven't got a chance! Would a pullet defend another pullet if there is not a rooster around ???(I don't think I counted as a rooster, even though I was peackeeper for safety reasons!) Perhaps that one is my little rooster in the making?

I will try to get some pictures this weekend (tomorrow MORE RAIN!) and see if anyone can help
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