YAY!!! amaracunas?


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today he called me, "I'm going to be home late tonight," he said. why? I asked "I have an appointment with 6 amarucunas." YAY!!!! so they are here now but I have a Q:
are they good chickens? they just started laying, and are very sweet, (so far) . they were with roosters, I am going to collect eggs and try to incubate, will that work? I am not very familier with the breed so any advice would be GREAT!!! thanks
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Chances are you're not getting real Ameraucanas, but instead mutts we like to call "Easter Eggers," - Who really can vary in temperament, color, hardiness, egg color, etc due to being a crossbred. Most people end up very satisfied with them though.

Real Ameraucanas, though slightly rare, are excellent, very friendly, hardy, and will always lay you a gorgeous large blue egg.
And I've never met an Ameraucana rooster I didn't like. But of course, you'd need to go to an actual show-quality / reputable breeder for them, and I mean you'll need to search because chances are, you'll run into someone who is selling you mutts.
I agree with Illia; most likely you are getting Easter Eggers. That being said, I've had lots of them and they are some of my favorite chickens. Most have been great layers of blue, green, brown, and even olive eggs. One had a pretty flighty/wild temperament,but most were fairly calm, nice birds. One of my current favorite hens is an Easter Egger. She's sweet and friendly and lays lots of blue green eggs. I think you'll be thrilled with your new girls. Congratulations!
c'mon guys, you are saying this without even asking if these birds came from a real breeder.

it seems like any time someone says "ameraucana" around here the "ameraucana" police are right there to rain on their parade, and more than 90% of the time the O.P. lets them know that yes, they're from a breeder. cant we just say congrats, read up on your ams as alot turn out to be mutts, and have fun? She hasn't even gotten her ams yet, maybe once she sees them she will already be able to tell. I mean, she does have over 1100 posts on this site, im 100% positive shes been told a million times already that people NEVER get ameraucanas, because they only exist to the people who already have them. Why cant people, instead of saying "you PROBOBLY MOST LIKEY HAVE AN EASTER EGGER" say, " alot of times ameraucana's are mistaken, do you know what to look for?" i just find the ameraucana police highly annoying. sorry.


that being said, have fun with your new babies!!
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Congrats! I'd LOVE to have a varied basket but the rules here say only four GIRLS so I just can't risk anything that isn't guaranteed female... hence our GLS's... love our girls but derned if I wouldn't love having green (blue rocks too but I'd settle for a mutt, like me) eggs like Ol' Granny had when I'd visit in the summers.

SOOO jealous of your new girls!!

But as to your fertility question... from what I understand... and remember I've only got girls this is just secondhand glints from on here... hens can hold fertility for up to three weeks after being mated... so assuming they WERE mated back where they were before you could very well have fertile eggs... or if they didn't like the fella/refused to mate then maybe not. You'll just have to give it a go, candle, and see. Best best best of luck for a happy healthy hatch! Again, jealous!
I think, when most people type the wrong spelling of Ameraucana, most people assume that they are EE because most hatcheries and many people who have purchased EE will sell EE under some form of misspelled version of Ameraucanas.. RE: Amaracunas, Americana, Amerucna etc... Some people know the difference and some don't..

I have had both EE and true Ameraucanas and loved both.. Each breed brings different things to the coop and to the egg basket...

Are they true Ameraucanas or are the Easter Eggers? You stated they had just started to lay.. What color are the eggs??

For more information on Ameraucanas, check out the Ameraucana Breeders Club --it's full of great information, pictures and a list of true breeders.. Hope this helps--
Post pictures of your girls.. We love pictures --no matter the breed.. Enjoy..
Exactly. I honestly believe that we get less "uptight" about this issue than the people who complain about our mentioning of Ameraucanas vs Easter Eggers.
And truth be told, it is entirely true that the chances are that someone is getting an EE, not an Ameraucana. You'd need to search specifically for Ameraucanas, knowing how to avoid EEs, in order to get them.

Also, I'm not saying it to be a prude - I'm saying it to educate people. There's plenty out there who actually get conned out of paying too much or expecting too much out of Easter Eggers claimed to be something else. Nothing against EE's, as I even have some myself (and LOVE them if they're the right combination of breeds)

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