yay!!! chicks came in from townline!! woot,woot!!!!!


11 Years
Dec 14, 2008
I ordered chicks from townline,25 Isa brown hens and all came in alive and healthy, hope in the end they give me tons of eggs!!! does anyone have any experience with isa-browns????
How are they doing? Mine should ship on March 30. I'm a bit worried because they have a long way to travel, from MI to northern NV. I hope they make it in 2 days, not 3... How did the boxes look when they arrived? In good shape? I've never ordered from Townline before...how are they packed?
I reccomend townline to anyone wanting good quality birds. The best are the isa-browns. They all arrived alive,and the box did not have a scratch on it. I live in Tennessee and it took 2 days to get here. hatched on wednesday last week and arrived here on Friday. There already a week old!!!! they're getting big alright.

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