YAY, chicks have hatched..........HELP!!!!!


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Jul 10, 2012
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I have got 8 egg in the bator and one has just hatched with more pipping.

The humidity has gone from 60%-71%, is this a problem???
and anyway, thinking about it wont the humidity have to go up with all the chicks breathing etc?!?!?

I can't lift the lid up to lower the humidity otherwise the other pipping chicks will get shrink wrapped.
I have just turned of the pumping system of and opened the ventilation slide 1/4 of the way.
71% is fine, if it goes up to 80%+ you can think of lowering it a fraction, but once they've pipped it doesn't matter so much anymore, if it gets a bit high. When my chicks hatch the humidity often goes up to the mid-70's as moisture is released from the eggs and they've been fine at that. Open the ventilation slide so there is plenty fresh air and oxygen for the chicks in there. Adequate ventilation in the incubator is very important at this stage. Good luck with the remainder of the hatch!
It's just gone up to 76%
with the second chick hatching.
Shall I open the ventilation all the way?
Sure, just keep checking the humidity and temperature in there.
What do mean "crazy"? As long as it stays between 65% and 75%, or thereabouts it's fine. Humidity does tend go up and down during the hatch, as I said before, moisture gets released from the eggs and you have chicks drying off in there now as well. As soon as they are dry and fluffed up you can remove them and put them in the brooder. If you work quickly you will not lose too much humidity and as long as you don't open the incubator too often and for too long you will not harm the unhatched chicks.
SUMI! I hope you are still online and see this! Or anyone else who can help. For some reason, after my first chick hatched (yayyyy!!!) my humidity dropped. and that little thing is flopping all over and is really loud, but not dry. When it's dry can I take her out? And as far as the humidity, it went from 64 down to 58...are my remaining chicks, 2 of 4 have piped, going to shrink wrap? I started the washer with hot water in hopes of raising the humidity again.

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