Yay! Egg behavior!

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    I've been watching my D'Anver hen since 1pm when she started sqawking inside the hen house and pacing. Rooster spent about 20 minutes showing her dumb nesting places, and she finally opted for the ones I put in. (good hen!) This will be her 3rd egg for me.

    While all this was going on, my game hens were inside too. One dug out a nest in the shavings, and started placing stray feathers and paper shreds and such just so around her, nesting behavior!

    Her "sister" (unrelated identical twins.. lol) was sitting near by, "purring" but not nesting. They're 21 weeks old.

    Not a sign out of my bantam game hen. Unsure of her age though... could be 5 months... or 7... or 4... she's not giving me any indication besides squating. Rooster loves her, but not in that way yet.

    Rooster has been "trying" with the game hens, now the one is making a nest... so there should be eggs out of them soon. They won't be fertile though, unless he's successful when I'm not there and they're only telling him no in my presence.

    But I'll tell ya what, that little D'Anver hen sure is efficient. She puffs up for about 30 seconds, then poof, an egg falls out. She only hangs out in the nest for about 20 minutes prior, then scoots the egg around and makes a fuss over it for about an hour before coming off it.

    Curious to see what size those game hens will lay, maybe there will be something in that nest she's making! Maybe. Dumb hens, they sure know how to make a patient person want to pull their hair out.
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    Dumb Clucks!!! LOL I wish mine would lay an egg!
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