Yay! Have a pip in my "rescued" egg! Update PICS


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My little Silkie hen is always going broody, so I finally let her set on 5 eggs. My big Barred Rock hen would run her off the nest every day to lay and she broke one of the eggs early on. A week ago, I found the carnage of another two broken eggs with tiny black chicks in them, so I gave up and whisked the remaining two into the incubator. I wiped a bit of the egg residue off them and hoped for the best. Now, tonight on day 19, I have a PIP!

I know both chicks were moving on day 18, so I have hope for both. These are bantam Cochin. I'm hoping for a blue one.
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Thanks. We have a pip in the other egg now!
Com'on chickies!!
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I have one little cochin chick this morning and the other one is working hard to get out. I'll post pics later this morning.
She's out already! These little guys/gals are quick. Once they decide to get out, they snap to it! This just never gets old. Yesterday I had two little dirty eggs in there and now there are two incredibly cute little chicks bumbling around. So fun!
Actually my blue cochin hen is setting on a silkie egg for me right now
She went broody on Wed and my silkie laid an egg yesterday, so swapped her non fertile for my silkie's fertile
I have been incubating, but I really hope for a "natural" birth on this one.
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