YAY! I got the "big" batch & a question for you all


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Apr 23, 2009
West TN
My "8BO" & "7RIR" came in today, only it was 10BO & 5RIR & they managed to slip in a BR as well, but I took BR, because I couldn't bear the thought of leaving him/her there ALL ALONE!!!
I know I'm not the only sucker on this board, so I'm sure most of you would have done the same thing

Anyhoo, my EE's are exactly one week older than the BO/RIR/BR. Is it 1 or 2 weeks that I have to keep them apart to be sure of diseases not being transmitted?
Can't tell you if it is any different for chicks rather than full grown, but seems like the posts I am seeing here are 4 weeks. Don't know if this applies to chicks.....
Are you talking about hatchery birds? If so, I wouldn't bother with isolation. Stuff can always happen, of course, but not likely.
Thanks for responding, both of you.

They are hatchery birds, but as it stands right now, my older birds are healthy. They came from 2 different hatcheries (Privett & Dunlap) and were ordered & delivered to 2 different feed stores, which is why I I didn't want to mingle them immediately. I was thinking after a week or 2 I could integrate them & meet the difference in temps, since it's typically something like "90-100" & "85-90." So I could do 90 for both.

Maybe I can give it a week to be sure my young'uns are healthy, too.
I don't *think* quarantine applies to hatchery chicks. The eggs are hatched away from any birds in a very clean environment. In any case, you quarantine new birds for a month.
I like your one week thing since they do need different temps and just to make sure the babies all look healthy. Then put them together - the older ones will know to get farther away from the heat. Congrats on the babies!

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