YAY! My Cora layed her first egg!!! (Pics)


9 Years
Jul 14, 2010
Wilkesboro NC
I bought Cora, a frizzled bantam cochin, as a 4-6 week old towards the end of July 2011. She went broody when I introduced her to some polish day-olds when she was around 3 months old (I know, she's crazy) and raised them although she had never even layed an egg. Well she officially became a "big girl" today! I had noticed she was squatting and hanging out in the nest box a bit the last few weeks, and today after a 2 hour period in the box, she hopped out and I found a tiny egg waiting!!!

The first pic is of her egg:

And the second one is of the eggs I got today, arranged by size:

First is Pauline the BR's, second one belongs to Beatrix the Andalusian, third is from Trudy the RIR, fourth is from Tuesday the Dominique, fifth is from NeeNee the silkie, and the littlest one on the end is from Cora my frizzled bantam cochin princess!!!

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