Yea, Im finally done,


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Mar 17, 2010
Yea, Im finally done, after 200 foot of poultry neeting and 1200 clamps, sunburnt legs, and blisterd hands, I have fixed my fence for my Indian Runner Daisy, If you remember a little while back she was going thru the squares on my fence, and after I posted my problem on here, everyone helped, a BIG THANKS!!!!!! anyway I didnt think I would ever get finished and I finished it all up around noon today, took my 3 days, 200 foot of fence 36" high and the worse sunburn I could imagine, dont think my hands will ever be the same, I have blisters where I didnt think one could get blisters, (lol) But anyways she is safe now, """SO now Im on the search again for some more runners, as she is lonely, I had Daisy & Donald a pair of white Indian Runners but Donald later passed, He was injured when I purchased them But Its all safe and secure now,

Thanks so much my friends!! Hope everyone has a egg ce lent day, Hugs pejoef
That sounds like me after putting up horse fencing last July. LOL, I hear ya! Feels good to be done I bet! X2 on pics!
I know how it is with working in the sun. You get burned every time. Anyway, I lived in Tanzania (West Africa) where I got burned more then I liked. The Africans always gave me limes for the burn and it worked so much better then anything we got from stores. I once was on an 8 hour vehicle trip. No AC so open windows was all we had. Had my arm in the window with a nice breeze from driving. Well I didn't noticed that I've got burned until my arm was swollen twice its size. Bummer! I was already dreading the burn pain and blistering. Anyway we sliced the limes and carefully rubbed it onto the skin. The acid does not burn but it does feels nice and cool when putting on. The swelling went down within a couple of hours and the skin never peeled! Amazing what fresh limes can do for you. Part of the reason they work so well is that cool the skin and do not cover the pores, unlike burn creams. This allows fluids from the swelling to evaporate. So enjoy a lime party and hopefully you will get over the burn in no time.

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