Yellow crusty eyes

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  1. meredith1583

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    Sep 6, 2015
    All of my silkies and my Saloms are getting yellow crust eyes we have put neosporine on two of them and it seemed to help but the others are getting it now can anyone tell me what it is? They are eating and drinking fine and no smell or discharge from there nose [​IMG]
  2. katesgardencare

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    Dec 10, 2015
    i have had this happen to my silkie and a bantam cochin before, it was caused by what we believe was a sinus infection, as the sinuses are connected to the eyes (or very close). we had to give them antibiotics (under the skin) and received antibiotics from our cats vet. She didn't treat chickens but was able to give us baytril in .01 cc increments for 7 days from what we described and explained. new needle and syringe for each dose. it cleared them right up. please ask how to administer this if you have to give them shots. you might be able to use something in their water, but the shots clear it up faster and you know they are getting a specific dose each day.
    please don't use neosporin on their eyes. its oil based not water based and can be harmful if it gets in them. get an antibiotic ointment from a vet! water based for the eyes. oil based is ok anywhere else

    I know there aren't many chicken vets around most people, but usually if you explain the situation a normal house pet vet will sympathies and give antibiotics or ointments to help!

    feed them when their are sick, scrambled eggs and small amounts of unsweetened greek yogurt for protein (they love that stuff) it will help keep them strong while healing. they can become weakened by this infection.

    just remember, any crusts that are colored or pus= infection of some kind! and they will need antibiotics

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