yellow gold sexlink...Help

Hello! I'm no expert on breeds, but she looks a little light colored for a gold sex link. Also, I can't quiet tell from the picture, but does she have "muffs" under her head, it looks a little like she does, but correct me if I'm wrong, maybe an EE? Hopefully someone else will check this out
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but she was sex linked. the cockerels were all white, the pullets all yellow. then the ameraucanas were all red with they couldnt have been blue or lavender ameraucans. and yes she has a muff. does anyone have a picture?? even of theyre chicks. she seems to bee the odd one out of the sexlinks and ameraucanas i have. i still need to wait until she starts to lay, which should be soon i hope!
She looks just like one of our ameraucana chickens. We bought four and she was the only yellow chick, the other three were brown and striped like chipmunks. Ours is very bossy and wants things her own way
Sorry, but I'm going to have to side with everyone posting on this. I almost solely raise gold sex-links, and that isn't one. From the green legs and the puffs on it's cheeks, I'd bet a lot of money on an Easter Egger.
I have a hen that looks just like her. I'll have to get a pic up. She is laying green eggs or at least I assume it is her. There is a white roo what came in her batch of "pullets" from the feed store. Yes HE was banded as a pullet not misplaced after shipping so I just assumed they were sex links. Now I dono. Thanks for posting this. Feed store chicks are such a craps shoot but fun times in the guessing hehe

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