Yellow mucus like poop, not acting like herself. HELP.


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Jul 17, 2013
Someone please help.

i woke up this morning to one of my hens just kind of sitting there. She didn't move or anything. I reached in and picked her up (Something they NEVER let me do) and held her for a while and rubbed her head until she looked like she was getting tired.

Her poop almost looks like yellow boogers, I picked up a piece of hay that it dropped on and it was really slimy and a kind of milky yellow color.

I'm in Oregon's valley and it just started getting really rainy here, could have to do with the weather?

I have to leave for work soon and I'm really worried she won't make it through the day!

We've moved her inside to her own box with food and water to keep her warm and make it a little less stressful if the other girls aren't running around on her.

Chickens have cecal poops that look yellow brown and runny about every 10th time. Those poops can also be a sign of worms. Since she is acting lethargic and you're having wet conditions, I would also consider coccidiosis. Older chickens can get it if they are exposed to a new strain they aren't immune to. Treatment is Corid liquid 2 tsp (or powder 1 tsp) per gallon of water for 5-7 days. While she is sick, check around and under her vent for lice and mites, and feel her belly for a stuck egg (egg bound.) Worming with Valbazen or Safegard Liquid 1/2 ml if she hasn't been wormed lately might help.
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It sounds exactly like coccidiosis!

Is it safe to worm them and treat them for coccidiosis at the same time?

I can't separate all seven girls simply because I don't have room.

I'm afraid that treating her tonight might be too late if she is already acting puffy and lethargic.

How do I know she is fighting it off okay?
Sometimes you have to feed the liquid meds with a dropper or wet the feed with it. Tube feeding is done by some here on BYC. There are threads on instructing how. Giving a bit of milk or buttermilk mixed with cornmeal or chick feed will help to coat the stomach until meds are started. If she is not eating or drinking it may be too late.

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