Yet another dog attack! I am not looking for simpathy

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by mikeksfarmer, Nov 28, 2008.

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    Sep 16, 2008
    Bonner springs KS
    Ok I live in the country sorta, like so many of you. 5 acres, I have a secure pen that no dog can get in. My pasture is mostly fenced. I had a second dog attack yesterday. One chicken mauled with in 5 feet of my front door on my sidewalk. Two others with in 10 feet of their pen. Same dog that mauled a Buff Orp in my front yard a month ago and another dog from the same owner. Owner lives about 1000 yards away and between us are at least 4 fences.
    Thanks giving, near Kansas City weather was warm enough to have my windows open. My chickens were out I was just inside for a break from out side projects when I heard a chicken screem in my front yard. Out the door I went to see the same dog attacking another chicken. I yelled and it dropped the bird and left. I scooped it up and started around back only to hear another chicken screem from another dog. I ran as fast as I could I yelled and that dog too ran off. I placed the first injured mauled chicken on the back deck and grabbed my gun. I went out near the pen to find piles of feathers with in feet of my pen. I searched for the dogs and my chickens. More and more feathers I finally found one of my cinnomen queens torn open you could see the hundreds of eggs that would now never be. At least she was dead. So walking the back pasture I heard someone calling dogs accross the field I see neighbors calling the dogs that I had just run off. I put the gun away and drove right over there. Huge family gathering for Turkey day. I got out of the car and every one could see I wasnt there for fun. I was so mad. 15 people hanging out drinking beer someone said Hi can I help you. I Need to know who owns these dogs! Both dogs were right there. I went on to explain to the owner in front of all his holliday guests that his dogs had just wiped out my whole chicken flock. And one had been there before. If I had known who owned it I would have been here before. Well he had to be polite and say he would be good for the damages. I explained that he couldnt really pay for the pride and attachment a person puts into chickens. Yes I was looking for return for a little egg money but I also had these chickens friendly enought to jump up on my lap. In the end you can pay for new chickens but the things you cant pay for you have to create a plan or way to prevent these dogs from running free so that this does not happen again. Once the dogs learned where fun squeeky toys are they are going to come back. And so that leads me to the point of Another Dog attack story! Some of the people that read these stories might be arrogant enough to think it will never happen to their chickens who are always locked up in a muddy pen with no fresh green grass to eat or what ever. It may not! I think the problem is far bigger than simpathy, and ingnorance. I think there needs to be an action plan that all of us can follow to help prevent this. Dogs will always think chickens are squeeky toys thats a fact. What if we drafted a non aggressive letter that explained the basics and we mailed it to neighbors who owned dogs. At the same time copy the local law with the letter. What is the cost of replaceing a chicken? I know there are more things we can do like sturdy pens, fencing our property. I am thinking there could be a check list of things we can do to prevent attacks with a common goal. I want to have good relations with my neighbors, I want my rights and property protected on my property, I dont want to shoot any dog. Like it or not there will be follow up to this story. My Neighbor will pay for my dead chickens and the damage done. He will also secure his dogs or I will involve the law. I will have my American rights! Ok I have vented have a great day everyone!
  2. Sorry for your loss, my DH laughts at me because I always tell my ladies good night when I shut them up in the coop at night, I would call the local sheriff dept and start a paper trail, it may come in handy with your neighbors if and they probably will turn out their dogs and of course the dogs will look for your chickens again marrie
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    Mar 31, 2008
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    Quote:Now, see, this kind of comment just discourages people from feeling sympathetic towards you.

    Here's the first step in your action plan: BUILD A FENCE. Not "mostly fenced". An actual secure perimeter.

    Yes, in a perfect world people would keep their own dogs on their own property. But guess what -- this isn't a perfect world. In the *real* world, we need to protect our own. That includes locking the doors to our houses, and it also includes fencing in our own critters. And sure, sometimes predators can get through the best defenses we can construct. But that doesn't mean we drop those defenses, any more than we would leave cash lying around on the sidewalk just because nobody "should" come pick it up.
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    Dec 18, 2007
    If they ever come on your land again shoot them end of story he was warned.
  5. Southernbelle

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    Mar 17, 2008
    You should probably report it to the police so they have it on record.

    Some states allow quite a bit in damages...

    Initial cost of bird + what it cost to raise bird + lost income from all eggs the hen won't lay now + cost of replacement hens + cost of raising replacement hens + eggs you'll have to buy until new hens are laying, etc.. don't forget property damage and some even allow "emotional" damage.

    Our state allows people to shoot dogs that kill livestock. I think you've done your duty in alerting the owners that their dogs are a problem and if you see them again, you have every right to SSS.
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    Jul 5, 2008
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    Yes, a secure fence around the perimiter of the property is a must BUT the neighbors also need to keep their dogs in line. Unfortunately the only thing that gets attention from these types is $$. Back to the fence. You have to make it at least 5ft with no board on top & hotwire top & nose height. I have personally seen dogs clear 4ft w no problem & are able to get a grip on the top wood part of a 5-6ft fence & go over that too. Some can even use holes in wire to climb. If they can't get a grip on top & there is hotwire it will work much better. I would put the hotwire on the OUTSIDE of the fence so they hit it before ever getting to the fence. I know it is frustrating trying to keep others animals out. I had neighbors that just laughed when their 3 horses broke down their fence & ran through my yard..their dog dug under my fence & was mating with my dog (I had her fixed immediately)...I tied him up & took him to the pound saying I found him running on the highway...they paid the $70 bail & he was running loose again 2 days later..[​IMG] J
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    Apr 6, 2007
    Quote:Who are those people??? I don't know anyone here like that. My laying
    hens free range almost every day. [​IMG]

    How about this? YOU decided to let them free range, thereby putting them
    in danger of many predators in addition to dogs. YOU didn't pull the
    trigger when it was within your rights to do so. Is your neighbor
    a jerk for letting his dogs roam? Yup. Is he responsible for the damages?
    Yup. Was he the one who lost chickens? Hmmmmm.
  8. BethinIrving

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    Nov 13, 2008
    Where I live, the authorities need the dead bird as evidence. I thought this a bit silly until they told me first it's proof the dog killed something, and secondly it's proof the dog is too aggressive.

    So, don't run over and fetch your bird from their yard. Leave it and the authorities will get it.

    If the owners keep insisting it's not their dog doing all that, you'll need to put in cameras.

    Start that paper trail with the authorities. Those aggessive dogs will also attack humans.
  9. mikeksfarmer

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    Sep 16, 2008
    Bonner springs KS
    Friends my inital attempt at starting this thread was to go a diffrent direction than maybe some are seeing here. I am not looking at blame or loss, I am trying to capatalize on all our creative inteligence here. Every day there is a new post about a dog attack. Back yard chickens is a web site that many people who live in a less rural setting than 100 acres are trying to have chickens/poultry share communications. Dog attacks on chickens are not ever going to go away. Dogs like squeeky toys and people move the the country so their dogs can run. We move to the country to have a few chickens. I do try to always sell prevention and months before this post I have created a plan for increased fencing. One of the two dogs (blue healer cross) made it through hog fencing 4 feet high and with no opening larger than 4"X4". In another thread someone had a rotwiler go through 3 layers of fence to get goose and a rabbit. I think fences are needed no matter what, however I am not going to build alcatraz or the waco compund to have a few chickens. Remember some of the costs are going to out weigh return for a long long time. I think all of us agree that fences are needed. I also think chickens need to be secured every night in a raccoon proof coop or pen. Try this; Has any one here ever tried to preemt a dog attack by talking with neighbors who let their dogs run free? How about writing a letter to them, or all dog owners in your neighbor hood tell them in that letter what a hen and replacement for lost eggs costs? Make sure animal control/law knows you sent the letter.
    Ok here was the other idea I was working on; Once a dog has learned that there is fun to be had in your pen it is going to come back. If you contact the owner of that dog after the first attack should we not demand that he/she make corrections to the dog security. I am willing to meet them half way; I wont let my chickens out of their pen until I am home from work 5pm,and on weekends. I think it would be nice if people kept their dogs confined on trash day too but that is another story. Both of these ideas fall under the concept of neighborly communication. Ok thanks for your ear on this, and as always havea great day!
  10. PurpleChicken

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    Apr 6, 2007
    Quote:That is a really good idea. If someone sees dogs roaming why not try
    to pre-empt a problem? Very good point. Be proactive versus reactive.

    We all love our chickens here and we love each other's chickens too.

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