Yet more worming questions...


13 Years
May 13, 2010
Was wondering if Wazine takes care of more than one type of worm...I have not seen any worms but am thinking I should worm as a preventative.I have debated doing this as I try not to medicate but I really don't want a problem to arise as I have a considerable number of chickens now.Is there a good broad spectrum wormer out there? I know some have said seems so strong...and how much would you use? and how? How long would you hold the eggs back after worming and could you use the eggs for chicken food so as not to waste them all?
Sorry for so many questions but I am afraid not to worm at this point with so many birds at stake.
Nope, wazine only takes care of the roundworms. I like valbazen much better. Takes care of just about every type of worm a chicken can get.
Ok...where do you get it? That's what I'm looking for...broad spectrum....done and over with.How often do you suggest for prevention of infestations?And how do you give it?
You can purchase valbazen (albendazole) online at or call them. They sell it the cheapest and it comes in a 500ml bottle, it'll last a long time. It is a liquid cattle/sheep wormer. Dosage is given orally 1/2cc for standard size chickens, 1/4cc for smaller chickens. It kills all known worms chickens can get. You will need to redose your chickens in 10 days to kill larva that that the first dose might have missed. There is a grand total of 24 days egg withdrawal.
Thanks a bunch! Very helpful info Dawg53!

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